FUND for Lake George Legacy Strategy

2015 Annual Report

Setting The Course For Sustained Protection

2015 was a breathtaking year of accomplishment for The FUND’s Legacy Strategy and its bold commitment to protecting Lake George for the next generation. Since launching the strategy in 2013, all sectors and every level of government, including our leading elected officials, are now engaged in the partnerships, innovations, and investments that are powering the pursuit of sustained protection.

In their own words—a vital measure of success in its own right—our expanding array of strategic partners has become a chorus for concerted action. As expressed by one of our closest partners, Fred Monroe, retired Supervisor for the Town of Chester, Lake George is leading by example in showing others what it will take to protect the precious water quality that is our region’s most valuable economic asset. As goes the health of our waters, so goes the health of our economy and the quality of our communities. For The FUND, these words capture our common purpose in setting the course required for lasting achievement.

Growing strength of The FUND’s strategic partnerships is matched by robust growth of our financial partners including basin-wide donors whose support fuels all progress. Indeed, more than any other action, targeted investments of the Legacy Strategy are producing tangible returns across all four “portals to protection”: invasive species prevention and treatment/eradication, salt reduction, water quality and clarity protection, and the science of solutions. Historic strides being made on each of these fronts are highlighted in this report.

We are honored and humbled by the breadth and depth of support that enables us to act with both speed and focus in protecting the treasured legacy that is Lake George. With our dedicated partners, and with the promise of sustained protection within reach, our growing resolve is now bearing ripening fruit, the seeds of which will be sown to ensure success—a triumph for which future generations will surely thank us.

Our Staff

In their own words…

Our Legacy Strategy Partners

“The FUND for Lake George is working with all sectors to protect for all generations the treasure of Lake George.”

Ron Conover, Supervisor, Town of Bolton

Science of Solutions

IBM Research is working with The FUND and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute via the Jefferson Project to apply state-of-the-art science and technology to better monitor and improve our overall understanding of the Lake George ecosystem.”

Harry Kolar, IBM Distinguished Engineer, IBM

“The Jefferson Project helps to strengthen Lake George’s ecosystem while providing a design that can help ecosystem resilience and restoration efforts in any environment and location in the world.”

Elise Stefanik, US Representative, 21st Congressional District, New York

Water Quality and Clarity Protection

“The FUND is tireless in providing an always professional level of leadership and positive energy that has been crucial to solving some of the most pressing threats to our lake. Their work is exactly the kind of innovative action that strengthens alliances.”

“The FUND’s LID Certification System is a perfect example of the inclusive and value-added role The FUND gives businesses to play by making them a partner, not an adversary, in lake protection.”

“Working together, we prevented a poorly planned residential development from being constructed, which meant that The Pinnacle could remain in its natural state, protecting the lake and offering a wonderful recreational hiking trail for the public to enjoy.”

Invasive Species Prevention and Treatment / Eradication

“The FUND has formed several significant partnerships to further Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) prevention. The S.A.V.E. Lake George Partnership successfully advocated for, implemented, and partially funds the only mandatory boat inspection and decontamination program in the eastern United States.”

Elise Stefanik, US Representative, 21st Congressional District, New York

“As both partners and co-investors, The FUND and S.A.V.E. Lake George Partnership are vital leaders in implementing the Adirondack-wide AIS Prevention Program.”

Salt Reduction

“The FUND has been instrumental in many collaborations and projects from which preventative programs can now be implemented to ensure environmental and economic vitality. I am pleased to have been involved in these efforts. The first annual Salt Summit at Lake George made great strides in solving an unavoidable problem affecting the lake.”

Betty Little, Senator, 45th District, New York

“The FUND has been an essential partner in addressing the many threats to our lake’s water quality. Their involvement in our invasive species program, salt reduction strategies and their support of our new Wastewater Treatment Plant have been unconditional and essential.”

Since launching the Legacy Strategy in early 2013, The FUND has invested $3,717,632 protecting Lake George

Through the unprecedented partnerships, innovations, and investments of the Legacy Strategy, The FUND for Lake George is delivering measurable returns toward one driving goal: stopping the present decline of water quality and achieving sustained protection of Lake George for the next generation.

World leading scientific research is revealing the chief threats now facing Lake George while also guiding the pursuit of breakthrough solutions at a pace and scale required for lasting success.

The FUND’s leadership, both financially and strategically, has catalyzed and coalesced diverse support from public and private sectors to solve priority problems facing the Lake.

Broad and growing commitment to the Legacy goal is generating powerful momentum and maximizing our effectiveness. Highlights of accomplishments to date are featured here across all four portals to protection.

Science of Solutions


Research of the past generation serves as springboard for the next. The Jefferson Project at Lake George—The FUND's historic collaboration with RPI and IBM—is designed to make Lake George “the world's smartest Lake,” all for the purpose of sustained protection. Information is power and the Jefferson Project is providing empowered information through world-class modeling, monitoring, analytics, and experimentation. The Jefferson Project marks a quantum leap forward in understanding Lake George from “physics to fish.”

  • The State of the Lake: Landmark scientific report published in 2014 by The FUND and RPI identifying priority threats to Lake health—invasive species, road salt, and loss of water quality and clarity.
  • Jefferson Project at Lake George: Historic collaboration of The FUND, RPI and IBM, fusing world class research, technology, and analytics to unlock lasting solutions to Lake protection.
  • Advanced Modeling, Monitoring, and Experiments: Integrated understanding of Lake George “from physics to fish” is being applied to solve mounting problems.
  • 20 sensor platforms deployed to monitor weather, water chemistry and quality, Lake currents and streamflows
  • 43 research papers published or in production

Invasive Species Prevention and Treatment / Eradication


Implemented in 2014, the invasive species prevention program at Lake George has become a national model. It demonstrates the power of partnership, innovation, and investment in solving one of the most ominous threats of our age. Organized by The FUND, the S.A.V.E. Lake George Partnership spoke with one voice and co-invested in the prevention program—a commitment that proved critical to success. The program was made permanent this year through State regulation, a monumental victory!

Success at Lake George prompted creation of the Adirondack-wide prevention program–Both The FUND and S.A.V.E. are investing in this effort as well, for one simple reason—crucial to effective prevention is targeted preemption, stopping invasives at their source across the larger region–before they reach our shores.

As we close the door on more invasives getting in, we are redoubling work to control those already here. This includes stepped-up milfoil removal–over 110 tons in the last 2 years alone–to realize a goal of low maintenance levels that limit the negative impacts of this fast-spreading invasive on Lake health and property values.

  • Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Prevention Program: Only mandatory boat inspection and decontamination program of its kind east of the Mississippi.
  • S.A.V.E. Lake George Partnership: Lynchpin for concerted advocacy and co-investment in AIS Prevention Program.
  • ADK-wide AIS Prevention Program: Vital ring of additional protection for Lake George, inspired and supported by S.A.V.E.
  • Control of Milfoil and Asian clams: Aggressive actions to reduce impacts of two species posing a serious threat to economic and ecosystem health.
  • 48,801 boats inspected
  • 2,895 boats decontaminated
  • 271 invasives caught
  • 110 tons of milfoil removed

Salt Reduction


Just like stopping invasives, success in reducing road salt—aptly called the “acid rain of our time”—will make Lake George a model of expanding importance. Also spearheaded by the S.A.V.E. Lake George Partnership, basin-wide commitments to reduce the use of road salt led to the First Annual Salt Summit at Lake George and the first-ever assessment of road salt use for an entire watershed—anywhere in North America! From local officials to plow operators to businesses & state leaders, the Salt Summit focused on practical solutions to the problem, including live demos of salt reducing equipment and best practices. Salt trucks from Lake George Village to Ticonderoga are now equipped with state-of-the-art, web-linked monitors tracking application rates in real time. This pioneering program is being underwritten by The FUND in cooperation with local governments. Accurate understanding of salt use will ensure we make smart decisions on how to achieve lasting salt reductions—while still keeping our roads safe.

  • 17 trucks equipped with web-linked sensors
  • 100 roads covered
  • 1,000 miles monitored

Water Quality and Clarity Protection


As multiple sources combine to threaten the Lake’s lifeblood—multiple measures are needed to solve the problem. These include targeted investments to spur upgrades of municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants, especially at Lake George Village, a major source of nitrate pollution. This serious impact was documented through extensive monitoring by The FUND and Waterkeeper, in partnership with Village leaders. Our work is helping to ensure replacement of the Village plant in the earliest possible timeframe. In a similar vein, The FUND is issuing matching grants to property owners for upgrading septic systems in priority locations basin-wide. This direct investment will curb another primary source of pollution and nutrients harming precious water quality.

To stop stormwater pollution—the nation’s largest source of water quality problems, and a growing threat to Lake George—we have created the Legacy Strategy’s signature innovation. The Low Impact Development (LID) Certification System empowers property owners to control stormwater at its source, much as nature does. LID Certification is designed for public and private development—both new and redevelopment projects. The magnitude of the problem—10-trillion gallons of untreated stormwater runoff in the U.S. every year—compelled us to design the system for expanding use in threatened watersheds everywhere. Just like LEED Certification for green buildings, LID Certification System delivers both environmental and economic benefits of accruing value.

The LID Certification website——was launched this spring at our annual LID Conference to an enthusiastic crowd of development professionals. The site provides a “how to” for any property owner wishing to become LID Certified through a system of credits in four main areas: site protection, building, restoration, and maintenance. We’re thrilled to have awarded our first two LID Certified projects, one in the Town of Bolton, the other at Silver Bay, with many more to come in the months ahead.

  • LG Village Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade: Accelerating replacement of major nitrate pollution source.
  • Hague Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvement: Bringing plant into regulatory compliance.
  • Commercial and residential septic system upgrades: Matching grants in high priority locations.
  • Permanent protection of The Pinnacle: One of three partners purchasing this 73-acre upland natural feature with stunning views of Lake George.
  • LID Certification™ System: Scalable solution to stormwater pollution, declared by U.S. EPA to be nation’s largest source of water quality problems.
  • 1st LID project certified Silver Bay YMCA
  • 6 new LID projects in the pipeline

Invest in our shared success!

2016 Investment Priorities

$232,000 $588,000 $189,000 $376,000 $1,385,000 TOTAL
2016 Investment Goals
Work Area 2015 Expenses
Science of Solutions $376,000
Water Quality and Clarity Protection $588,000
Salt Reduction $232,000
Invasive Species Prevention and Treatment/Eradication $189,000
Total $1,385,000

Science of Solutions

  • Conduct targeted research of the Jefferson Project to inform science-guided solutions.
  • Complete Smart Sensor Network of the Jefferson Project to monitor and model Lake/watershed conditions in real and projected time.

Water Quality and Clarity

  • Solve point source problems—municipal wastewater improvement grants.
  • Solve non-point source problems— Matching grants for priority septic system upgrades basin-wide; Low Impact Development (LID) Certification™ System implementation grants.
  • Provide partnership grants to scale protection of key upland properties.

Invasive Species Prevention and Treatment / Eradication

  • Continue S.A.V.E. matching support for Lake George Boat Inspection Program.
  • Provide S.A.V.E. support for strengthening Adk-wide invasives prevention.
  • Continue aggressive milfoil removal to realize “low maintenance levels.”

Salt Reduction

  • Apply targeted grants to improve de-icing practices, adhering to the basin-wide “Salt Reduction Memorandum of Understanding” and detailed findings on salt use rates.
  • Organize and co-host with S.A.V.E. and SIMA Second Annual Salt Summit focused on making Lake George a national model for road salt reduction.

Direct Investment Powers Protection

The Legacy Group or LG 30—one member for every year in a full generation—comprises individuals, families, and institutions that demonstrate an uncompromising financial commitment to The FUND’s Legacy Strategy. The LG 30 forms the nucleus of sustaining support vital to attracting a growing array of investors who together share a passion for lasting protection of Lake George.

At mid-year 2016, we are proud to have 21 LG 30 partners and seek to complete our goal of 30 in coming months. Coupled with our Supporting Partners, we are now realizing results at the pace and scale required to achieve sustained protection.

The Legacy Group

  • Ginger and Bob Bailey
  • The Buhrmaster Family
  • Charles R. Wood Foundation
  • David Darrin
  • Jennifer Brorsen and Richard DeMartini*
  • Sally and Buddy Faulkner
  • Christine and George R. Hearst III
  • Helen V. Froehlich Foundation
  • Henry M. Rowan Family Foundation
  • Jane and Paul Ingrey
  • Keeler Motor Car Company Charitable Foundation
  • Honey-Jo and John E. Kelly III
  • Judy and Jeff Killeen
  • Janet Kireker (1926-2014)
  • Marie and Charlie Kireker
  • Margaret A. Darrin Charitable Trust*
  • Francine and Robert Nemer*
  • Marie and Mike O’Reilly
  • Joyce and Don Rice
  • Judith and Joseph Willner*
  • Anonymous
*new member

2014/2015 Financial Summary

Assets 2015 2014
Cash in Bank Accounts $314,618 $163,908
Investment Portfolio *
Cash in Investment Accounts $249,595 $188,604
Marketable Securities $3,670,726 $4,241,098
Limited Partnerships $3,277 $5,420
Property and Equipment
Land $88,081 $88,081
Buildings $395,491 $395,491
Equipment, Vehicles, Software $96,733 $96,733
Gaslight Village
Conservation Easement * $719,381 $719,381
Depreciation and Amortization -$203,107 -$183,335
Total Assets $5,334,795 $5,715,381
Liabilities 2015 2014
Retirement benefit payable 0 $1,567
Credit card payable $1,886 $5,512
Gaslight Village Conservation Easement * $137,020 $147,554
Office Property Loan $435,933 $435,933
Tenant Security Deposits $750 $750
Total Liabilities $575,589 $591,316
Operating Cash Flow
Operating Cash Flow * 2015 2014
Private Contributions $909,685 $635,430
Foundation Contributions $525,440 $433,945
Investment Transfers * $367,760 $214,700
Contracts $60,331 $80,073
Rental Income $9,000 $16,450
Total Operating Income $1,872,216 $1,380,598
Expenses 2015 2014
Administrative and general $114,930 $113,043
Program * $1,571,772 $1,190,482
Fundraising $90,134 $79,019
Total Expenses $1,776,836 $1,382,544
The full 2015 independent audit prepared by Whittemore, Dowen and Ricciardelli, LLP of Queensbury, NY is available upon request. The figures above are presented in a format designed to facilitate an understanding of the sources of our revenue, the nature of our expenditures, and the financial status of our organization.

2015 Program Expenses

Water Quality and Clarity Protection Salt Reduction Invasive Species Prevention and Treatment / Eradication Science of Solutions $672,322 $535,556 $277,438 $86,456 $1,571,772 TOTAL
2015 Program Expenses
Work Area 2015 Expenses
Science of Solutions $535,556
Water Quality and Clarity Protection $672,322
Salt Reduction $86,456
Invasive Species Prevention and Treatment/Eradication $277,438
Total $1,571,772

How We Invested Your Contributions in 2015

2015 Expenses Breakdown
Expense Area Percentage
Administration 6%
Fundraising 5%
Programs* 89%
*Program investments grew from 86% in 2014 to 89% in 2015.

Our Supporting Partners

Individuals & Families

  • Joseph Abbatiello
  • George and Mary Jane Adams
  • Jeff and Donna Adams
  • Richard and Anne Adler
  • Rolf Ahlers
  • Fred and Margaret Alexy
  • Thomas and Rosemary Alfonso
  • Roland and Kathe Allen
  • Andrew and Karen Amerling
  • Iver and Patricia Anderson
  • Michael and Stephanie Angelucci
  • Nancy Ann Archer and David L. Clark
  • Kenneth and Rosemarie Arnold
  • Theodore and Leila Arnstein
  • George Articolo
  • John Asiel and Diane Marr Asiel
  • David Ayers
  • James Ayers
  • Anthony Badalato
  • Bob and Ginger Bailey
  • William and Jill Baker
  • William and Andrea Baldwin
  • Elizabeth Ball
  • Andrew and Irene Bania
  • John and Ann Barber
  • Richard and Ruth Barney
  • Roger and Fay Barrows
  • Francis Barry
  • Lionel and Deborah Barthold
  • Edward and Carole Bartley
  • Chuck and Kim Barton
  • Douglas G. Beattie and Linda Eichengreen
  • James and Seddon Beaty
  • Nancy Beekman
  • Leigh Beeman
  • Vondee Beeman
  • Paul and Colleen Bell
  • Russell and Jane Bellico
  • Carl Bennette and Nancy Howland
  • Antranig Berberian
  • Richard and Janet Berls
  • Charles Berrebbi
  • Gregory and Laura Bibler
  • Gerard Bielak
  • Gary and Charleen Bivona
  • William and Stacey Bixby
  • Robert Blais
  • Donald and Jayne Blum
  • Michael Boardman and Kathryn Tabner
  • Mac and Lucy Bollman
  • John and Louise Boomer
  • John and Mara Borek
  • Carol Borin
  • Dennis Borrello
  • James and Monica Ann Botto
  • Brant Bottum
  • Stuart and Sallie Bowling
  • Casey Boynton
  • Norman and Wendy Bradburn
  • Betsy Brainard and John Maier
  • Richard and Susan Brainard
  • Allison Branson
  • Gregory and Judith Braun
  • Bruno and Dorothy Brauner
  • James and Judith Breitenstein
  • Paul and Brenda Breslin
  • Heidi Brickner
  • Richard and Carol Brining
  • Robert and Phyllis Bronzo
  • Lawrence and Susan Brown
  • Miriam Brown
  • Sarah and Bruce Brown
  • Bob and Maureen Buhrmaster
  • Thomas and Patricia Burke
  • Richard and Sharon Burstein
  • Antonio and Norma Bustamante
  • Rosamond Butler
  • Susan Cacici
  • Dale and Catherine Campbell
  • Anna Carney
  • Curtis and Tami Carstensen
  • David Cerveny
  • Cynthia Chamberlin and Keith Mountain
  • Albert and Marty Chanese
  • Glen and Malinda Chapman
  • Raymond and Susan Chase
  • Richard and Alice Chase
  • George Cholakis
  • Robert and Alice Cisler
  • Eleanor Clark
  • Lucinda Clark
  • Michael and Mary Louise Coleman
  • Edward Collins
  • Pete and Tina Collins
  • David and Marjorie Comstock
  • Kenneth and Mary Lou Cooper
  • Christopher and Deborah Corbett
  • Anthony Corsano
  • Robert and Diane Cowan
  • Michael Craft and Deirdre Diccicco Craft
  • David and Shirley Craig
  • Jane Craigie
  • William and Dale Creighton
  • Clyde and Katherine Creveling
  • John Cronin
  • John Crosby
  • Howard and Margaret Crusey
  • John and Debra Cully
  • Charles and Carla Cumming
  • Robert Curley
  • Dennis E. Curtis and Judith Resnick
  • Timothy and Bobbie Dahlgren
  • Alfonso and Joanne Daloisio
  • Thomas and Diane Damiani
  • Richard and Patricia Daniels
  • Lawrence D’Arco
  • David Darrin
  • Dekkers Davidson
  • Deborah Dawe and Bob Benway
  • Robert and Holly De Buys
  • Alfred and Elaine Deana
  • Philip and Lenore Defliese
  • Richard DeMartini and Jennifer Brorsen
  • Pieter and Phyllis Desmit
  • Lorraine and John Dickinson
  • Robert and Diane Dickson
  • Linda Donaldson
  • Thomas and Paula D’Orazio
  • Mary Lou Doulin
  • Scott and Helene Dubin
  • Alfred Dunlop and Lynn Wilson
  • Henry and Anita Duprey
  • Elizabeth Dybas
  • William Eastham
  • Donald and Ann Eberle
  • Jeffrey and Miriam Eger
  • Sheldon and Mary Eisenberg
  • Eleanor Eldredge
  • Richard and Nancy Elkin
  • Dean and Nadine Ellerthorpe
  • Michelle Elliot
  • Matthew Emmens
  • Robert and Trisha End
  • Salvatore and Kathleen Ervolina
  • William and Sally Faber
  • Christopher and Kathleen Fagan
  • Philip and Cynthia Farbaniec
  • David E. Farbman
  • Linda Schadler and Thomas Feist
  • Leo and Martha Fishel
  • Allen and Debra Fishner
  • Robert and Jean Flacke
  • John Flagg
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Flickinger
  • David and Jane Floyd
  • Laurence Fogelson
  • John Forbes
  • Stuart Forman and Ellen Hitzrot
  • James and Phyllis Foster
  • Mary Fox
  • Alfred and Suellen Franz
  • Paul and Emily Frederick
  • George and Lesley Froehlich
  • Lynne Fuierer
  • John and Claire Fulco
  • Jane Gabriels
  • Andrew and Joan Gagliardi
  • Lawrence Garbo
  • Walter and Toni Gates
  • Michael and Angela Gleasman
  • Ely and Ann Goldsmith
  • Paul Gollhofer
  • The Gorelik Family
  • Chuck and Charlotte Gosselink
  • Edman and Virginia Gray
  • Robert Grillo
  • Elizabeth Guest
  • Robert Gwirtzman
  • William and Ruth Haase
  • Andrew and Judith Hadjandreas
  • Randall Hahn
  • Thomas Halbach
  • Arthur Halbritter
  • Robert and Kathleen Hale
  • Jules and Gale Halm
  • Jeff and Kara Haraden
  • Randall Harmon and Barbara Booth
  • Jim and Lori Anne Harris
  • Michael and Elizabeth Hayes
  • Peter Hayes
  • George R. Hearst III and Christine Hearst
  • Barbara Heenan
  • Charles and Janis Heiden
  • Beverly Heineman
  • Betty Heintzelman
  • Dr. and Mrs. Peter Herman
  • Bob and Kim Heunemann
  • Robert and Anne Higgins
  • Robert and Wendy Hill
  • David and Carolyn Hoeschele
  • Mark Hoffman
  • David and Stephanie Hollander
  • Michael and Rebecca Holmes
  • Edward Holohan
  • John Homlish
  • John and Ellen Hubbard
  • Paul and Patricia Hummel
  • Scott and Carole Hunt
  • Paul and Susan Hurley
  • Kristee Iacobucci
  • Paul and Jane Ingrey
  • Jean Jelliffe
  • Guy Johnson and Pamela Altman
  • Robert and Susan Johnson
  • Steve Jones and Mary Nohara
  • Stewart Jones
  • Glenn Jorgensen
  • Robert and Carol Kafin
  • Stephen Kalajian
  • Rosemary Kamholz
  • John and Carol Kanis
  • Ralph Kaplan
  • Joel and Janet Karp
  • Blair Keller
  • C. Stuart and Melissa Kelley
  • John and Helen-Jo Kelly
  • Dorothy Kennedy
  • Victor and Carol Kessler
  • Ralph and Jullia Ketcham
  • Jeff and Judy Killeen
  • Marie and Charles Kireker
  • Stephen Kirshon
  • Gerald and Rose Kirwin
  • Robert and Mary Klebe
  • Susan Klebl
  • George Knapp
  • Ronald and Patricia Knott
  • Gloria Koch
  • John Koerner
  • Christine Kopec and D. Alan Wrigley
  • Alfred and Dorothy Kopf
  • Eric Krantz and Cheryl Tucker
  • Ellen Briggs Kreitler
  • Peter and Nancy Kudan
  • Ginger Kuenzel
  • Lorraine Laczko and John Pettica
  • Douglas and Arlene Langdon
  • Judith Larter
  • Charles and Patricia Lawrence
  • Christopher Lawrence
  • Stuart and Martha Lazarus
  • Donald and Audrey Lehn
  • Robert Golde and Pamela Lester Golde
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  • Denis and Pamela Lusignan
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  • John and Lorraine MacKenzie
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  • Gerald and Madeline Malovany
  • Andrew and Joyce Manchester
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  • Rona Marech
  • Richard Martin
  • Douglas and Evelyn Marzloff
  • Geoffrey Mason
  • John and Stephanie Mason
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  • Thomas and Lauren Mastin
  • Charles Mayer
  • Nancy and Bruce McClellan
  • Linda and Mark McCollister
  • Walter and Isabel McConnell
  • Joyce McCormac
  • Robert McDonough and Charlanne Ryan-McDonough
  • James and Lynne McGill
  • Thomas and Elizabeth McGrath
  • Michael McPhillips
  • William McVeigh
  • Peter Menzies and Gretchen Jordan
  • Richard and Jean Meyer
  • Peter Meyers
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  • Geraldine and Robert Middleton
  • Jean Mielke-Avery
  • Veronica Miller
  • Albert and Katherine Mitchell
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  • Edward Moore
  • Milo and Judith Moore
  • Torren Moore and Karen Defeo
  • Mariann and Carl Morales
  • Ernest and Barbara Moritz
  • Herman and Evelyn Muller
  • Irwin Nathanson
  • Chris and Beth Navitsky
  • Richard Navitsky and Tanya Leinicke
  • Linda Neilson
  • Robert and Francine Nemer
  • Daniel and Eileen O’Brien
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  • Richard and Christine Oliver
  • William O’Loughlin
  • Michael and Marie O’Reilly
  • Patrick and Barb O’Reilly
  • Mark and Kimberly Pacala
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  • Bright Funds Foundation
  • Charles C. Freihofer III Advised Fund of The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region
  • Helen V. Froehlich Foundation
  • Henry M. Rowan Family Foundation
  • Hoopes Family Foundation
  • Keeler Motor Car Company Charitable Foundation
  • Margaret A. Darrin Charitable Trust
  • Park Foundation
  • RBC Foundation
  • The Wright Family Foundation

Businesses & Organizations

  • AmazonSmile Foundation
  • Arcady Bay Estates Homeowners Association
  • Arrowhead Equipment
  • Assembly Point Association
  • Bolton Landing Marina, LLC
  • Brennan Landscaping, Inc.
  • The Chronicle
  • DeFranco Landscaping, Inc.
  • Dunhams Bay Association, Inc.
  • Filtrexx New York
  • Foggs Automotive
  • Huletts Landing Marina, LLC
  • Jarrett Engineers PLLC
  • Lake George Gold Cup Festival
  • Lake George Mirror
  • Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
  • New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission in partnership with the Lake Champlain Basin Program
  • Norowal Marina, Inc.
  • Phinney Design Group
  • Pilot Knob Association
  • Property Owners of Silver Bay
  • Rush Island Improvement Assoc
  • The Sagamore
  • Silver Bay YMCA
  • Staloff Brothers Custom
  • Stepping Stones Resort
  • Takundewide Homeowners Association, Inc.
  • Town of Hague
  • Town of Lake George
  • Trout House Village Associates, LP
  • Village of Lake George
  • WIT Companies
  • Wyckoff Shopping Center Inc.

Tribute Gifts

In Memory of Meredith Avery

  • Robert and Kristin Davidson
  • Hal, Martha, and Elizabeth

In Memory of Robert L. Ball

  • Leslie Adam
  • David Ball
  • Robert Ball
  • Charles and Cynthia Beiser
  • Adam Bookbinder
  • Christopher and Emily Clark
  • Olive Darragh
  • Charlotte Dougherty
  • Donald and Kathleen Dregalla
  • Alan and Sarah Gayer
  • Marble Harbor Investment Counsel
  • Ms. Ellen McBride
  • Phil Perelmuter
  • Brad and Ginny Perry
  • Mark and Susan Perry
  • R. Adams Perry
  • Roger and Nancy Perry
  • Indu Singh
  • Paul Steege

In Honor of Roy Bauberger

  • Jenna Bauberger

In Memory of Joseph Boochever

  • Albany Jewish Community Center
  • Leslie Baker
  • Michael and Melissa Berenbaum
  • Shirley Brand
  • Patricia Brown
  • Thomas and Deborah Carski
  • Daniel and Jeri Cerutti
  • Leslie Feinman
  • Lauren Finkle
  • Joan Gavrilik
  • Carolyn Ginsburg
  • Marc and Cheryl Ginsberg
  • Mark Gitomer
  • Eunice and Lester Golderman
  • Herbert and Shirley Gordon
  • Mr. Philip Green
  • Ms. Victoria Hay
  • Hinman Straub PC Charitable Fund of The Community Foundation
  • David and Jane Kadish
  • Herber and Beatrice Kaplan
  • Aaron Kassoff
  • John and Honey-Jo Kelly
  • Barry Lembersky and Diane Faust
  • Barbara Levine
  • Michael and Lori Levine
  • Lawrence and Louise Marwill
  • David Oakley and Dianna Masto
  • Cheryl Patack
  • Mark and Joanne Pollak
  • Susan Rubin
  • Lewis and Gretchen Rubinstein
  • Brian Schlaks
  • Mike and Millicent Serling
  • Marcia Shapiro

In Memory of Shirley Bryant

  • Ron and Karin Caffi
  • Perry and Lil Jefferson
  • Gary and Donna Kalbaugh
  • Joseph and Kathy Keeler
  • Christine and Richard Oliver
  • Donald Scott
  • Florence Scott
  • Kenneth Scott
  • Richard Scott
  • John and Linda Toner

In Honor of David M. Darrin

  • Jeffrey Burger
  • Hannah Darrin

In Memory of Mary Chester Flagg

  • John and Linda Toner

In Memory of Vicki Glandon

  • Robert Glandon
  • Stuart and Bonnie Rosenberg

In Honor of Robert and Susan Johnson

  • Janice and Chris Reynen

In Memory of Kenneth Linton

  • Mary Binder
  • Paulina Gomez
  • Timothy and Maureen Lee
  • Michael Massiano
  • Cris Sanchez
  • The Strubeck Family
  • George and Nancy Thurston

In Honor of Robert Merrill

  • Elizabeth Cherniske

In Memory of Nancy Rogal

  • Laura Lee

In Memory of Jack Ryder

  • Lisa Ryder

In Memory of Gerald and Mae Schiffer

  • Andrew Schiffer

In Memory of Mark H. Stoutenburg

  • Mark W. Stoutenburg

In Memory of Phyllis Olson Wheatlake

  • Philip and Martha McDowell

In Memory of Phyllis Olson Wheatlake and Neil D. Olson

  • Alfred Dunlop and Lynn Wilson
  • Mike and Carol McLaughlin
  • Timothy and Elizabeth Robinson

In Memory of John M. White

  • Frank Suozzo

In Kind

  • DeFranco Landscaping, Inc.
  • David Darrin
  • Carl Heilman II
  • The Sagamore Resort
  • Dr. James Sutherland
  • The Uptown Restaurant
  • Visual Planet, LLC
  • The West Firm, PLLC

Match of Employee Contributions

  • GE Foundation
  • Barton International
  • The Kresge Foundation

2015: A Year of Continued Growth

During 2015, The FUND experienced strong growth across every major fundraising metric. We are indebted to all our investors for their contributions and passion. Thank you!

Over the past year:

  • total contributions increased by 51%
  • total donors increased by 14%
  • first time donors increased by 80%
  • online donations increased by 84%

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The future of Lake George is in our hands.

Together, we will achieve sustained protection of our Lake for the next generation.

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